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Kris Harvey - CEO
 I have been incredibly blessed in my life to have the opportunity to pursue my two passions, baseball and hunting, as a career. My love for baseball came at an early age, with my father spending 10 years as MLB pitcher; I had the unique opportunity to grow up in a big league clubhouse. It was the only way of life I knew. I spent 3 years playing collegiately at Clemson University before being drafted by the Florida Marlins. After 7 years with the Marlins, I came to the Pittsburgh Pirates organization where I met my fellow SpreadCrushers.  
  My love for hunting was also ingrained at an early age. When we weren't traveling during baseball season, my childhood was spent growing up on a large piece of land in the foothills of North Carolina. My deer stand was just a short ATV-drive away from my backdoor. I was able to harvest my first deer with my PSE nova at 12 years old, and since then I have been addicted to chasing the Whitetails with my bow and getting that buck fever. I also enjoy bird hunting and rippin' lips at the pond or lake, but for me there's nothing like chasing Whitetails to get my adrenaline flowing.  
  The opportunities and abilities I have been given are an amazing gift from God. There is no question I would not be where I am today without Him. I am grateful for the grace and love that I have been given, and want to do my best to glorify him to the fullest in everything that I do.  

Kris currently resides in that same town in North Carolina and spends his off seasons on their family hunting land and traveling to the midwest for his hunts. He and his wife have one daughter and another child on the way, just in time for opening season.