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Logan Kensing - President
My love for the outdoors was seeded by my Father and Grandfather at a young age. Whether sleeping on the floor of a deer stand or being pulled in a tube while checking trot-lines, they never hesitated to bring to me along. My parents, both teachers and coaches at the High School and Middle School level, instilled a love for sports that blossomed as I grew older. Being an only child, my mother took the place of siblings and teammates whenever I wanted to practice football, golf, basketball, or baseball. Growing up in a smaller town in Texas, many of my friends and family owned land that was accessible for us to run rampant on. Pellet guns, bows, .22's, shotguns you name it we had it, and nothing with four legs or feathers was safe! Needless to say, not many days or weekends were wasted indoors. Between sports and hunting I learned quickly to respect the outdoors, work hard, and always have fun. After attending Texas A&M for 2 years, a childhood dream of mine came to fruition when i was drafted by the Florida Marlins in the 2003 amateur draft. This game I love has benefitted my life in so many uncountable ways. Although baseball is my main focus, I have never lost my passion for the outdoors, and I find myself fishing or hunting as much as I possibly can. I've been extremely blessed that either at the field or, well, in the field there's no shortage of smiles or goosebumps.