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Dr. Robb Hutcherson - Chief Financial Officer / COO
I’m glad you decided to stop by and check out the Spread Crusher Crew. I grew up in Chickamauga, which is a small town in Northwest Georgia. I am one of the few in the crew that doesn’t play baseball. I spent the vast majority of my childhood on the gridiron rather than the baseball diamond. I am married to a beautiful woman I met while working on my Doctorate of Pharmacy degree at the greatest higher education facility in the world, the University of Georgia. I have been blessed throughout the years to be able to learn the value of hard work, faith in God, and the great outdoors. I feel that it is our responsibility to pass these important lessons down to the generations to come.  
I have always loved being outdoors. Hunting is a huge passion of mine. What I enjoy most about the hunt is the journey. It’s great when you get game on the ground, but every hunt is successful if you enjoy the time you spend doing it. A cool, crisp morning in the woods is better than just about anything else you could be doing.  
Faith, Family, and great Friends are paramount on the back roads of Georgia. I have been blessed to have a good bit of all these throughout my life. I want to pass these ideas along while doing something I love, and I feel very lucky to be able to do so. God Bless and GO DAWGS!!!

Dr. Robb Hutcherson – COO/CFO